The first two steps of the CM2 training show in the most striking way how the foundations of operational excellence are laid and how process-oriented requirements and product management are built upon it.
The training is very productive with its structure supported by exercises as well as theoretical knowledge and strengthened by real examples from different sectors.
I recommend this training to anyone who wants to establish a solid structure by bringing a new perspective to the management of processes before spending too much time on corrective actions on the operations themselves.

After CM2 trainings at Sempro, I had a different perspective about product management, process development, project management, etc. It was a great opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience of Mrs. Semiha. Thank you very much to her and her team. See you in other trainings.

CM2 trainings, which we can consider as a new generation configuration management approach, have been very useful as they provide different perspectives. CM2 approaches on configuration management will be useful as a guide for us in the transformation studies we carry out in our company. Mrs. Semiha Yaşar's past defense industry experiences and the creation of an environment that will increase our mutual awareness with different defense industry companies during the training make the trainings even more beneficial. Thank you for your contribution and hard work.

With the Fundamentals of System Engineering Training, our instructor Burcu Hanım has conveyed her valuable experience gained over the years to us in an efficient and entertaining way. Although we have worked with Systems Engineers many times, I realized that we need a more systemic perspective with this training. Earning new perspectives has been a valuable acquisition for me. I hope the valuable contributions of the other participants in the training have been beneficial for all of us.  I would like to thank Sempro, I met with this training and they contributed positively to the sector by organizing these trainings.

Hello, your online PLM training via Zoom has been very beneficial. In general, I learned about PLM and related software. I would like to thank you for your explanations about how the PLM process draws a roadmap on a company, and I wish you success in your studies.

First of all, thank you very much for this training. It was very beneficial for me to learn CAD, PDM and PLM connection. In fact, the workshops we held at the end helped to consolidate this knowledge even more.

I would like to thank Ms. Ayşe, who gave the training, for answering all questions sincerely, and I would like to state that her way of expression and presentation is also fine.

Within the product life cycle, starting from the stage of imagining it, the construction of a structure that will enable us to manage all our business processes efficiently and reduce our costs will increase the demand for the product and enable us to stand out from the competition. In this context, the “Product Life Cycle Management Training”, which will increase our business efficiency, has been very useful for us. I would like to thank Ms. Semiha and the Sempro team for their quality and informative training.

I can say that we gained a very detailed, comparative and extremely comprehensive vision about the product lifecycle platform with the PLM Training organized by Sempro Consultang and Engineering.

From the first moment we dreamed of a product, we have experienced all the technical conditions and details that we may encounter in all the processes of the product, with examples. I would like to thank the company for organizing such an informative training in this context.

The training was very useful in terms of showing the usage areas of PLM. In addition to theoretical knowledge, we reinforced our knowledge with active participation and questions. She have taught a lot of useful information about PLM.

The training was very productive. We were very pleased that Ms. Burcu candidly conveyed her experience and knowledge to us. Everyone was very involved.

Also, it was very nice of you to donate saplings for us.
Thank you for everything.

EIA 649 training was a useful training that explained the 5 main functions of the configuration in great detail in terms of content and training documents. Instructor Burcu Akça contributed to the efficiency of the training by explaining all the questions with examples and past experiences. I wish this and similar trainings to be repeated, and I sincerely thank the Sempro team.

The fact that companies that actively operate the Configuration Management process design their processes with an international standard significantly increases the Configuration Management Process quality.

This training provides great guidance along with practical work as well as interpreting all the clauses of the relevant standard one by one.

Our organization produces strategically important carbon fiber and composite products; In recent years, it has started to provide various products to the defense industry and aerospace sector. In this industry we just entered, we encountered different standards and applications, such as configuration management.

In order to increase the competence and knowledge of our employees, we sought training, but we could not find an institution and trainer rich in technical content and experienced in practical applications within the scope of configuration management.

But with the latest reference, we talked to SemPro.

We are satisfied with the theoretical and practical applications and trainer competencies of the trainings we have received so far; We plan to be involved in CM trainings in the future.

While CM2 trainings improve our approach to the problems we encounter in business life; It has enabled us to create a solid infrastructure to produce the solutions we find in an innovative, simple, digitalization-friendly and sustainable manner. Our trainer Mr. Semiha Yaşar has helped us embody the CM2 teaching and discover the flaws in our own business environment with her valuable experience in business life. At the end of this adventure that we became CM2-P, I am happy that I have gained the ability to not only criticize but also change. Thank you.

For me, CM2 training is far beyond being a set of learned methods, it is a perspective and a systematic development tool to produce effective solutions. The training set I received up to the CM2-P level allowed me to go beyond the stereotypes stemming from institutional blindness, to question what we do and why, and to understand that change is possible at any scale. As our esteemed trainer Semiha Yaşar, who opened our horizons with her deep knowledge and experience during the training, said, "If not me, who, if not now, when?". Many thanks for your hard work.