Everything is changing by digital transformation. Products are becoming smart and business processes are reviewed. Regardless of which sector you are in, no matter what scale your company is, it is inevitable to understand this transformation, evaluate it and  think about how to translate this opportunity.

The meaning  of saying that  “I'm not part of this change”  is just to lose from the beginning.  If we want to comply with changing customer requirements, employee profile and world market trends, if we do not want to stay out, chieve shrinkage and  join the enterprises that are on the dusty shelves because they could not catch the change , we have to succeed in accepting, understanding and transforming into an opportunity.

During this training, you will learn what digital transformation means, its contents, the technologies that will enable the transformation, the examples of applications, the difficulties encountered and the steps that need to be taken. You will also have the chance to evaluate your company in terms of transformation in general way.


With this training, you will learn what digital transformation means and how it will be realized and increase your awareness. At the end of the training, you will have the competence to perform your transformation story for the area you are in.



  • What is Digital Transformation(DT) actually? What does DT aim for?
  • Current examples of transformation
  • What are the technologies to enable the transformation?
  • What is the content of the DT of the industry known as Industry 4.0?
  • For DT in Turkey, what are the studies in public, industry and academia?
  • What are the examples of the world?
  • What are the challenges to a DT in a company?
  • What steps should be taken for a DT in a company? What should the Roadmap cover?
  • What DT examples can you create in your company?




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  • Company officials who want to learn digital transformation and increase their competencies
  • Managers aiming to create opportunities in their companies with digital transformation
  • Digital Transformation team members
  • Those who plan studies on digital transformation


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Alper Gerçek has over 31 years’ experience in Information and Communication Technologies. He has been involved in many working groups about "Digital Transformation" which he believes that will provide a major step for Turkey in terms of technology and economy.

He participated to the preparation of “TUBITAK Technology Roadmap for the New Industrial Revolution Intelligent Production Systems” as moderator, to “Digital Transformation Platform of the Ministry of Science” as a participant, and he served as the rapporteur on “Ministry of Development, Eleventh Development Plan, Industry Digitization Working Group”.

He has also participated in training programs abroad. Currently he gives lectures in universities and events.