The success and sustainability of companies depend on their ability to adapt to rapidly changing conditions. The most important steps to be taken on the way to institutionalization are the creation of business processes, strategic planning and corporate risk management.

In this training; Corporate Risk Management focuses on all factors that may disrupt an organization's structure and way of doing business and endanger its future existence. From the level of the board of directors to all units of the company, all stages of both opportunities and threats (performing risk analysis, creating a response to risks, monitoring and auditing, and how to manage the risk workshops that need to be held during all these stages) are covered with step-by-step practices.

The training is not only limited to financial risks, but also operational, technological, legal, ethical, occupational safety, marketing, human resources, environmental and project risks, as well as risks such as health and social media, which are new to the literature.


Basic concepts
  • Why Enterprise Risk Management?
  • What is Risk? Opportunities and Threats.
  • Risk Matrix
  • Classification of RisksExternal source of risk
  • Internal sources of risk


  • Business Process Hierarchy
  • Strategic Planning
  • SWOT Analysis

Enterprise Risk Management Roadmap

  • Enterprise Risk Methods Determination Methods
  • Risk Analysis
  • Probability Impact Matrix
  • Coping with Threats
  • Cumulative Impact of Risks
  • Risk Response
  • Monitoring and Review
  • Audit  




Who Can Participate

  • Business Process Managers,
  • Functional Managers
  • Enterprise Risk Management Team Members,
  • Project Managers


 2 days-Course



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