We are pleased to announce that with the CM2-05 and CM2-06 trainings we have completed, the number of people who have reached the "CM2-C Comprehensive" level in Turkey has reached 81.

Our participants, who completed these trainings, learned how to apply the CM2 methodology successfully in their companies, with which methods and how.We wish them success.

We completed our System Engineering Fundamentals training with our participants from BTB R&D, Forte R&D, Proted and Selvi Technology companies.

With this training, our participants learned how to;- Determine the stakeholder needs of the products and to create the system requirements,- Determine the system architecture,- Verify and validate requirements of requirements, designs and products according to system requirements.They learned practically, through presentations and examples.

We have completed our CM2-03 “Basics of Change Management” and CM2-04 “CM2 Change Process” trainings.

In this training, our participants learned the closed-loop change management process of the CM2 method, which is managed quickly and effectively with defined roles and objects. By comparing the processes currently implemented in their institutions with the CM2 processes, our participants identified the points of improvement in their own processes and how CM2 could improve these processes.

We have successfully completed our "Project Management Theory and A Practical Perspective" training with a dynamic team willing to learn and aware of the difficulties in practice.

In this training, while laying the theoretical foundations of the project management discipline, we were able to develop practical solutions and perspectives to the project management problems we encounter in real life projects.

We completed CM2-01 and CM2-02 trainings with our participants from Anova R&D, Havelsan, Nurol Technology, Nüve, Onur Engineering, TAI companies.

In the first two steps of the #CM2 certification trainings consisting of 9 modules; participants learned that CM2 provides a comprehensive methodology that can be used throughout the lifecycle of configuring a product, system or service.

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