We have completed online CM2-01 and CM2-02 trainings with the participants from Base Studio.

We have completed online CM2-01 and CM2-02 trainings with the participants from Base Studio. During the first two step of CM2 training series, participants have learned that #CM2 provides a comprehensive methodology for managing the configuration of a product, system, and/or service throughout its life. Trainers: Semiha Yaşar & Guido Weischedel

Live and interactive trainings continue with CM2-01.

Our first step of CM2 method, which accepts configuration management as the basis of requirement management and aims to minimize corrective activities by improving product life cycle management processes, started today with our participants from Base Studio, Baroque Defense, DowAksa, Günsel, Group Automation companies. Our participants will continue their CM2 journeys on June 22-23-24 with CM2-02.Our trainer Semiha Yaşar.

Our two day ''Fundamentals of System Engineering'' training began today with Numesys Advanced Engineering Inc.

In this training, that explains the terminology and methods of Configuration Management and System Engineering, our participants will learn system engineering and requirements management with examples and online class applications. Our trainers are Semiha Yaşar and Burcu Özgör Demirkaya.

The second part of “The Enterprise Baseline For Lean Process Management” workshop with CES Advanced Composites & Defense Technologies has started today.

During the second meeting of the workshop, the enterprise baseline of the company will be defined by answering the company’s essential questions; “Who We Are?”, “What We Do?”, “How We Do?”. Studies on Company Organization, Company Policies, and Business Processes will be elaborated during this two-day workshop.

Live & Interactive Trainings

We continue our trainings with live and interactive meetings via online platforms. Our new participants from Aselsan, CNK Aerostructural Assembly, İzge Software and Consultancy and Yetkin Law Office started their CM2 journeys. Participants completed CM2-01 Foundation Of Operational Excellence trainings. Semiha Yaşar is our Instructor.

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