We have completed our CM2-05 'Digital Knitting Optimization' and CM2-06 'Achieving Corporate CM2 Implementation' trainings with our participants from TEI.

Our participants learned the methods of implementing the CM2 methodology in their companies with this training.We wish them success in their work.

We completed the first CM2-01 & CM2-02 training of 2021 with our participants from Aselsan, FNSS, Havelsan and Roketsan.

In the first two steps of the CM2 training series, the participants; They learned that the CM2 provides a comprehensive methodology that can be used throughout the life cycle of a product, system or service configuration.

DEICO Mühendislik A.Ş. We have completed our Fundamentals of Systems Engineering training.

With this training, our participants; They learned how to identify the stakeholder needs of their products and form system requirements, to determine the system architecture, to verify and validate their requirements, designs and products according to system requirements in a practical way, with in-class discussions, presentations and examples.

We held an online seminar with Performance Measurement Specialist Ayça Tümer Arıkan.

Thanks to Performance Measurement Specialist Ayça Tümer Arıkan, we thank you for your participation and interest in our seminar on the importance of measuring process performances and using correct techniques while interpreting measurement results in order to achieve the targeted business results.We will continue to meet you in our new seminars with different topics.Stay tuned for detailed information about our trainings and events.

Our Training on Principles and Practices of the Configuration Management Industry Standard SAE EIA-649 was completed with our participants from Altun Döküm, BMC Power and Femsan.

In this training, the five main areas of knowledge of the SAE EIA-649 Configuration Management Standard, Planning, Identification, Change Management, Due Diligence and Audit, were explained, and studies were made on how the participants would apply these principles to their existing systems.

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