Semiha Yaşar

General Manager

Semiha Yaşar is the founder of Sempro Consultancy and Engineering and trainer of CM2 modules and a consultant to define all processes that set up products and services and the necessary infrastructures for them.

She graduated from Middle East Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department in 1983. She got her master's degree in the same department. She started her career as a design engineer in Aselsan, and continued as a minister's consultant in the field of Science and Technology between 1987-1990. Between 1990 and 2015, she worked for 25 years at FNSS Defence Systems Inc. which is the partnership of Nurol Holding and BAE Systems, respectively, as design chief, R&D Manager and Development Programs Director. She established and managed the R&D Center within the scope of this job. She led the product development processes and design of FNSS armored wheeled and tracked vehicles. She left FNSS in 2015 and founded her own consultancy company SEMPRO. In addition to her consultancy services with SEMPRO, he worked as the Deputy General Manager at BMC Automotive AŞ between March 2016 and January 2018. She served as an independent board member at Kordsa A.Ş. between 2018-2020.

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Ayşe Kayhan

Ayşe Kayhan, Sempro Danışmanlık ve Mühendislik bünyesinde PLM eğitmeni ve danışmanıdır. CM2-P sertifikasına sahiptir.

2004 yılında Marmara Üniversitesi Teknik Eğitim Fakültesi Tasarım ve Konstrüksiyon Öğretmenliği'nden mezun oldu. Mercedes Benz Türk A.Ş.'de CATIA Uygulama Uzmanı olarak çalışma hayatına başladı. Çalışma hayatına devam ederken Marmara Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü Makine Eğitimi'nde yüksek lisansını tamamladı. 2007-2010 yılları arasında Dassault Systemes firmasının Türkiye çözüm ortağı ArGe PLM firmasında CATIA Uzmanı olarak; 2010-2013 yılları arasında ise yine Dassault Systemes firmasının Türkiye çözüm ortağı olan infoTRON firmasında PLM Uzmanı olarak çalışarak çeşitli PLM projelerinde görev aldı. 2013-2016 yılları arasında FNSS firmasında Kıdemli PLM Uzmanı olarak görev yaptı.

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Burcu Özgör Demirkaya

Burcu Özgör Demirkaya is a System Engineering trainer and consultant at Sempro Consulting and Engineering. Since 2005, she has given training to hundreds of engineers within the scope of system engineering at institutions such as METU and TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, especially within the body of TUSAŞ Academy. She is a member of the International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE). She served as the President, Vice President and Communication Director of INCOSE Turkey.

She graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Aviation Engineering in 2001. In 1998, during her undergraduate education, she started working at TAI. In 2004, she received her master's degree in Engineering Management from Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Engineering. Starting from the establishment of the System Engineering Department at TAI, she worked as System Engineer, System Engineering Leader and System Engineering Manager. Within the scope of System Engineering Leadership, she led the team for requirements engineering, verification and validation, flight and system safety, reliability, technical risk management, especially A400M and Göktürk 2 programs. As a System Engineering Manager, she led the team for all helicopter programs, especially the T625 Gökbey Helicopter; helicopter and subsystem level systems engineering, requirements engineering, helicopter level design, verification and validation, integration and interface management, qualification, product lifecycle management, system layout architecture and digital mock-up management, flight / system safety, reliability, testing, human factors engineering, environmental management, weight & balance, system testing and flight test instrumentation activities. She also took part in project management activities by carrying out the duties of A400M Ground Support Equipment product management and T625 Gökbey Helicopter Product Manager.

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Hatice Burcu Akça

Hatice Burcu Akça is Management Systems and Quality Assurance Processes trainer and consultant in Sempro Consulting and Engineering.

In 2007, Akça graduated from Electrical and Electronics Engineering. She received her master's degree in Quality and Conformity Assessment Engineering from Hacettepe University. Since 2007 she has been working on management systems and configuration management. She took domestic and international positions as auditor, lead auditor and trainer. In 2010, she managed the quality assurance, configuration management, testing and acceptance processes in accordance with military standards in Aselsan and Roketsan projects. In 2013, she has started to Karel Electronic as Quality Assurance Senior Engineer and left as Chief Engineer of System and Process Improvement in 2017.

Her main work areas are the execution of quality assurance and testing activities.

Belkıs Teksöz

Belkıs Teksöz is a Project Management trainer and consultant at Sempro Consultancy and Engineering. She is a Program Management Professional (PgMP) accredited by the leading global organization PMI (Project Management Institute) in the field of project management and owned by only four people in Turkey. At the same time, she is the consultant and trainer of REFA Association, which is Germany's leading organization in the field of Business Design, Business Organization and Development.

She graduated from the Middle East Technical University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department in 1995. She specialized in the management of high-budget, multi-partner, national and international technological defense programs in MİKES A.Ş., as the Program Manager within the Program Management Office. She managed the entire life cycle of these programs, which included comprehensive stages from design to post-delivery customer support activities, including proposal management. She worked as a consultant at RMK Marine, one of the Koç Group companies, in the areas of bid management, contract and supply management between 2008-2012.

Her main areas of work include corporate project management, corporate organizational structuring, performance management, process analysis and process improvement / regulation, efficiency and resource optimization.

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Devrim Simav Uysal

Trainer & Consultant

Devrim Simav Uysal is a Enterprise Risk Management trainer and business process establishment consultant at Sempro Consulting and Engineering. She has CM2-C, CRMC (Corporate Risk Management Certificate), Green Belt and IPC-620 certificates.

She graduated from Middle East Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department in 1992. In 1994, during her graduate education, she started to work as a software specialist at Turkish İş Bank Software Development Directorate. She took part in the programmer team of Turkey's first interactive telephone banking software. In 1996, she received her master's degree in Engineering Sciences from Middle East Technical University. Between 1997-2000, at Başarı Electronic Inc. she worked in the production lines of products such as Turkey's first designed dect phone, decoder and TV transmitter. She started Roketsan Missiles Inc. as a process engineer in 2000 and worked as a technical responsible for all stages of national and international rocket and missile projects from proposal to delivery. While she was working as Integration Manager between 2011-2016, established the Enterprise Asset Management system with inventory counting and hierarchical arrangements of nearly 100,000 items. She led the team that established the polyvalence system for blue-collar personnel. She undertook the leadership of the base salary and performance system projects and the infrastructure works for the establishment of Roketsan Academy during her duty as the Human Resources and Education Director between 2016 and 2018. She also became a member of UN Women during this period. Later, she took part in the Gap Analysis of the company in the Technical Consultancy position she was appointed to. She was the trainer of designing and producing wiring harnesses.

She is still a member of METU Alumni Association Gender Equality Commission. Her main topics include enterprise asset management, company/workshop baseline establishment, production management, business process establishment, performance management, process analysis, gap analysis, and process improvement.

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Ayça Tümer Arıkan

Ayça Tümer Arıkan, is Organizational and Process Performance Measurement Consultant within the structure of Sempro Consulting and Engineering.

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Middle East Technical University in 2000. Then in 2002, she received her Master’s degree in Business and Administration (MBA) from the same University.

In 2003, she stated to work as Project Tracking Expert at MilSOFT Software Technologies. Between 2006 and 2016, she assumed the responsibility of establishing and maintaining the measurement system at the organization level and worked as Organizational Performance Manager in MilSOFT.

Since 2017, she owns the globally valid facilitator certificate of PuMP® methodology.  She works as a measurement consultant/mentor to help companies in their journey to become high performing organizations with the use of measurement in a meaningful way. She facilitates PuMP® implementations for her clients to ensure they get the most value from their measures and to help them achieve their business results

Ayca joined the PuMP® global team in 2020 and offers PuMP® consulting as a Licensed PuMP® Contractor for Turkey, Europe and UK regions to support her clients.

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Peyman Yüksel

Peyman Yüksel is corporate consultancy in Sempro Consulting and Engineering.

Peyman Yüksel graduated from Hacettepe University Department of Business Administration and Anadolu University Department of Tourism and Hotel Management. She also has a MBA degree from Middle East Technical University. She worked as a manager in Koç Holding and AXA Insurance Co. She worked as Business Development Specialist in AYK Defense Industry&Aviation Company and in BTech Innovation Company. She writes global economy articles as being an economist. She completed Project Management, Leadership and Teamwork, Crisis Management, Speed Reading certificate programs in Leadership School. She has achieved Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Certificate which is the highest level in Toastmasters Training System. She is a board member of Toastmasters Turkey 2020 Council as the Director of Area 1. She gives Public Speaking, Leadership and Collaboration trainings.

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