There are gaps between the processes and applications of businesses for the realization of their products and services. Sempro recommends the Assessment and Prioritization Method to identify these gaps and establish appropriate processes. In this context, the main purpose is to answer the “Who We Are”, “What We Do” and “How We Do” questions for the company, determining the deficiencies and creating a road map to eliminate them. With the preparation of the aforementioned road map, the current situation of the company and the areas that need to be corrected as a priority are defined.

In order for the assessment to be set up correctly, previous studies by the relevant company are examined, deficiencies are determined together, priorities are defined to complete these deficiencies, tasks and deadlines are assigned.



 1- Assessment
  • Enterprise Identity of the Company: WHO WE ARE
    • Who We Are, Mission and Vision
    • Organization
    • Business Partners
    • External Resources
    • Core Competencies: The company's competitive advantage (engineering, project management, production, testing, quality, etc.) 
  • What the Company Does: WHAT WE DO, FOR WHOM
    • Products and Services
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
  • Company's Business Processes: HOW WE DO
    • Reviewing the enterprise business processes of the company and the applications of these processes
    • Establishing the Organization's Strategic Business Plan in which the organization and processes are defined
    • Strategic Business Plan is the top-level data sets that define the enterprise identity of the organization, the works it does and the processes and infrastructure it uses to perform these works.
    • Perform gap analysis by comparing existing processes with best practices.
    • Determination of processes.
2- Prioritization and Roadmap
  • Developing an adaptation plan that defines scope, tasks and priorities for all assessed areas.


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