CM2 achieves process excellence by controlling a scope ranging from configuration management to change and data management in a Product based approach. With CM2, Configuration Management is redefined combining all the business areas of an enterprise under one umbrella. CM2 based product management contributes improvement of other business processes like quality, project etc. by positioning business process infrastructure in the center.

We provide consultancy services to achieve integrated process excellence by creating a CM2 controlled business management culture, assessing all project related information within the scope of configuration management and gathering organization's core activities under one umbrella.


  • Project/Program Management →Planning and Implementation
    1. Basic Business Processes
    2. Asset and Risk Management
    3. Export Control and Security

  • CM2→Business Process Infrastructure
    1. Configuration Management
    2. Requirements Management
    3. Change Management
    4. Evacuation Management
    5. Data Management
    6. Record Management
    7. Document and Library Control
    8. PLM Management

  • Quality Control→ Verification and Validation
    1. Process Supervision/Evaluation
    2. Quality Management


CM2 Umbrella