Optimizing the Software Lifecycle with CM2

Duration 3 days
Online Duration 3,5 days

This course describes how the CM2 model for configuration management (CM) can be applied to software. The challenge boils down to what an organization believes. Organizations either expect software code to come out right the first time, or they do not. Its process will be designed accordingly.

The CM2 model is designed to ensure that code comes out right the first time. This does not mean software development is not an iterative process. It is where the iterations take place that is most important. With CM2, the customer and the developer gain a good grasp of what the overall product is going to be at an early point in its lifecycle.

With CM2, the development effort is led by a cross-functional team whose members have the full range of needed expertise. The same members serve as the Change Review Board (CRB). Change decisions are made quickly and, if approved, implemented promptly.

CM2 for software is a scaled agile iterative methodology that ensures that software design definition is clear, concise, valid. Source code is not written until the design to be achieved has been documented, validated and released by its co-owners.

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