Enabling Digital Transformation

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools excel in two major areas…managing documented product requirements and change process workflows — areas that ERP tools historically have not addressed. PLM tools should be able to provide the functionality needed to support as-planned/ as-released baselines and the closed-loop change process.

How to maintain the Digital Thread from the baseline to the planning bill, then from the planning bill to the order bill, and finally from the order bill to the actual as-built record is a major challenge. Knowing which requirements, at which revision level, to use at any point in time is another.

This course will describe how planning bills and order bills are created and maintained within the PLM, ERP, ALM, and CLM tools. It will describe how to use work authorizations to close the loop on order bills and ensure that the correct documents are utilized. It will describe the CM2 approach for managing and leveraging metadata and how to optimize reuse.

This course will establish a detailed process for defining the core elements that must be present in a successful tool implementation. It describes standard CM2-600 Enabling Tool Pre-Assessment Guide for assessing and certifying the ability of enabling tools to support the IPE/CM2 model.