Requirements and the CM2 Baseline

Requirements management is the foundation for the Digital Thread. Organizations struggle with the ability to define and maintain the digital architecture needed to support Software, Hardware, Systems, Facilities and Infrastructure throughout the entire lifecycle. The inability to effectively manage the Digital Thread creates a high level of corrective action in every phase of the lifecycle.

Configuration management is the major backbone of requirements management and requirements management is a major building block in the creation and management of the Digital Thread. Understanding that relationship is imperative when defining the future mode of operating.

This course establishes the roadmap that facilitates an organization’s ability to create a world-class enterprise Digital Thread. This is achieved through the application of a set of proven principles and techniques. When properly applied, this improved business model enhances the development, structuring, and managing of requirements throughout the enterprise.

This course focuses on the foundational elements of requirements management including the structuring and ownership of all product, solution, and business requirements. It will detail the first steps in the creation of the Digital Thread…the concept and development phases of any project.

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