Tailored CM2 Business Application

CM process specialists should achieve CM2 certification at a level that supports their specific roles. Training requirements for different levels range from 8 to 19 days. This 4-day course is for engineers, buyers, supply chain specialists who interface with the CM2 process and do not need certification.

Certification training encompasses all phases of implementation planning, transition and application. This course focuses on application only. Each student completing this course receives a Certificate of Completion and is recognized as a "CM2 Application Specialist."

The content of this course includes key elements, principles and building blocks of the CM2 Model which are extracted from courses CM2-01 through CM2-04. Although normally taught by IpX, this course may also be taught by a host instructor.

In those cases, the host instructor must have received the "Doctorate in CM2" designation from IpX and, prior to teaching any on-site CM2-12 courses, must have a teaching license agreement in effect with the Institute of Configuration Management (IpX).