Project Management

Project management is the methodology of applying the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques developed to ensure the success of projects.

Various projects, small and large, are carried out in almost every sector and organization, from defense to automotive, design to production, public to private sector and civil organizations. The role of success of the projects is important in the success of business and even in the sustainability of their existence.

Studies still draw attention to the low success rates of projects. The root causes of this low success is the deficiencies and inadequacies in the project management processes.

In this training, the foundations of this methodology, which has its place among the management disciplines, will be laid. Main reference of the theoretical level is the Project Management Information Guide developed by PMI (Project Management Institute), a leading organization in project management. On the other hand, a practical perspective (real solutions to real problems, project stories, scenarios, applications) will be provided to project management with the aim of responding to the tangible problems of organizations in practical life.



  • Project Management History and Concepts
  • Getting Started and Planning
  • Scope Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Budget and Cost Management
  • Project Manager and Team
  • Internal and External Communication
  • Risk management
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Successful Concluding of Projects



Who Can Participate

  • Project Team
  • Project Management Ofice


3 days-Course



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