After BTB R&D and Engineering, CES Advanced Composites and Defense Technologies Inc. and GES Engineering, the first meeting for a two-day training of our consultancy service “Creating a Company Outline for Lean Management” with DEICO has been completed. With this study, DEICO's company strategies were matched with its organization, its products, services, and corporate processes has been defined.
The current structure of DEICO was reviewed and the areas to be developed were determined. In order to work efficiently on the areas to be developed, a road map and task distribution has been put forward. In addition to institutionalization, the "Creating a Company Outline for Lean Management" solution, which enables companies to carry out their institutionalization activities, offers many benefits such as increased productivity, lower costs and error-free processes. You can contact us at to improve your corporate processes and get more information about the "Creating a Company Outline for Lean Management" solution.