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Since 2020, which was a difficult year, we see that the world and our country are entering a new era rapidly. We have entered a new course that requires digital transformation faster than expected and accelerates change in every areas.

We are now in a period where the fastest, most agile, best adaptable will survive. Those famous words of Charles Darwin that best describe this period are:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survivesnor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change!”

While businesses adapt to this change, they need to manage their inputs and outputs at a good level, and to accurately control their business processes which include configuration management too. For a proper digital transformation, processes need to be aligned, Foundation of Digital Thread and Digital Twin should be established.*


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It is obvious that processes that are not correct will cause loss of time, money and reputation to be spent on corrective actions.

At this point, a method that has been applied in the world for many years comes up. Regardless of the size of your company, a method that closely concerns all units, simplifies complex processes, but requires a fundemental shift:


Based on the principle of doing things right at the first time, the CM2 model offers a different approach to increase efficiency by reducing the missing links caused by processes.

As Sempro, we have decided to address in more depth the CM2 method and we started our series of article.

Our aim is to introduce CM2 more closely, to ensure that companies manage their "Process Improvement Initiatives" in the most accurate way, thus increasing their performance by adapting to digital transformation.

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Sempro was established in 2015 by Mechanical Engineer Semiha Yaşar with her long years of experience in the defense industry. The team which are expert in their fields are developed and introduced trainings in:

·    System Engineering

·    CM2

·    PLM

·    Project Management

·    SAE EIA-649

·    ELD

and provide consultancy services about:

·    Gap Analysis and Process Development,

·    PLM Selection and Integration,

·    Corporate Risk Management

The success achieved at the point where Sempro is today, is based on its partnerships with organizations working in these fields in the world and in Turkey.


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Sempro celebrates its 6th year with its consultancy services and certified trainings. Thanks to these collaborations it has made in the field of product management in the worldwide.

In this series of articles, where we will discuss every aspect of the Configuration Management methodology, which has been used in the world for many years and has been in our country for about ten years, we will evaluate the details of this method and its contributions to your company.

You can follow our articles on our website, under the title of Blog. 



* You can learn the details of all these concepts by following our blog posts.