Payment, Cancellation & Refund Contract



This Payment Cancellation and Refund Contract (?Contract?) concluded by and between Sempro Danışmanlık Müh. Hiz. ve Tem. Ltd. Şti. (hereinafter referred to as ?SERVICE PROVIDER?) having its registered office at Mustafa Kemal Mah. 2141. Cad. No:22/10 06520 Çankaya/Ankara; and the PARTICIPANT with the terms and conditions undermentioned.


The Service Provider?s Information

Title                               :Sempro Danışmanlık Mühendislik Hizmetleri ve Temsilcilik Limited Şirketi

Address                        : Mustafa Kemal Mah. 2141. Cad. No:22/10 06520 Çankaya Ankara

 Tax number                : 7610526094

Telephone                    : 0090 312 219 63 93

Website                         :

E-mail                            :

Registration number  : 0-7610-5260-9400011


The Participant

Name                    :

Address                :

Telephone           :

E-mail                   :                  




The SERVICE PROVIDER has been providing conferences, events and trainings in order to introduce methods for enabling end to end enterprise transformation and best practices for tangible organizational and cultural change that deploy sustainable continual improvement throughout the organization.  For this purpose; a distance selling contract has been established throughout the SERVICE PROVIDER undertakes to provide services about organization of conferences/training/events in which PARTICIPANT agreed to pay a participation fee.

The aim of this Contract is about cancellation of the distance selling contract established within remote payment between the SERVICE PROVIDER and the PARTICIPANT and the refund of the participation fee given by the PARTICIPANT.



In order for the PARTICIPANT to pay by credit card, it is required to complete the credit card information completely.

The PARTICIPANT may make a single payment with a bank credit card or pay in installments. The installments are made in accordance with the provisions of the contract signed between the SERVICE PROVIDER and the bank which is not a party of this Agreement. The PROVIDER does not undertake to make installments or to enter into agreements with a bank that allows the installment process. By organizing campaigns, the Bank may offer services such as application and / or postponement of installments higher than the number of installments selected by the SERVICE PROVIDER. Such campaigns are at the discretion of the bank.

For payments made by bank credit card or similar payment card, the participation fee is paid by the PARTICIPANT by entering the card information on the event payment page on the website of Following the bank's virtual approval of the transaction, the contract is entered into force. The SERVICE PROVIDER may refrain from performing the service subject to this Contract if the bank or financial institution does not pay the product amount to the PROVIDER due to the fact that the PARTICIPANT?S credit card is used unfairly or illegally by an unauthorized person without the consent of the PARTICIPANT.

For payments made by bank transfer or EFT, the date of entry into force of this Agreement is the date on which the payment is received by the SERVICE PROVIDER. For payments made by bank transfer or EFT, if the payment does not take place within 2 (two) business days, the SERVICE PROVIDER shall have the right to cancel the service sale process for the service.


The PARTICIPANT may pay the participation fee via the bank transfer or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) to any of the Turkish Liras or US Dollars accounts of the SERVICE PROVIDER. The bank account detail of the SERVICE PROVIDER are as follows:

İş Bank (TL)

İş Bank (USD)

Bilkent Branch

Bilkent Branch

Bank Account Number 4276-442969

Bank Account Number 4276-0237642

IBAN TR25 0006 4000 0014 2760 442969

IBAN TR72 0006 4000 0024 2760 2376 42




The PARTICIPANT may exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 (fourteen) days from the date entry into force of this Contract. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the notice of withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the SERVICE PROVIDER during this fourteen-day period. The service fee shall be returned to the PARTICIPANT within 14 (fourteen) days following the notification of the right of withdrawal. Apart from these periods, the event participation fee is not refunded to the PARTICIPANT. The right of withdrawal cannot be used in any case 1 (one) week before the Event.

In cases where it is impossible for the SERVICE PROVIDER to carry out the service performance committed by the PROVIDER, the PROVIDER informs the PARTICIPANT in writing within three days of the date of learning and returns all payments collected to the PARTICIPANT within fourteen days from the date of notification.