PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is the approach that enables the management of every phase of the product, from the idea stage that reveals a product to the completion of the product's life cycle, and the systems that bring together every information that emerges in this process in a way that ensures continuity are called PLM systems.

With this training; the process and organizational benefits that PLM will provide to companies, the capabilities of PLM systems, the determination of the company's selection requirements in accordance with the process and purpose of doing business are discussed in terms of the role and scope of PLM projects.

Course Outline

PLM: Basic Concepts

  • PLM paradigms and basic concepts
  • The place and importance of PLM in organizations
  • Elements of active PLM platforms and functions of PLM
  • Expanding reach of PLM
  • Trends and challenges of PLM at the global level
  • The benefits of PLM

PLM Benefits and Potential Value

  • The potential benefits of PLM
  • Defining and measuring PLM costs
  • Measuring the PLM value
  • Introduction to the methodology for evaluating PLM benefits
  • Identifying and using PLM metrics

PLM Strategy and Solution Description

  • PLM strategy development
  • High-Level Planning
  • PLM strategy, PLM vision and mission definition
  • Defining requirements
  • Define the PLM project goals and objectives
  • PLM implementation plan and strategy

PLM Solution and Evaluation

  • Evaluating and selecting PLM solutions
  • Developing the right business requirements
  • Developing technical requirements
  • Choosing the most suitable PLM system

Adapting, Monitoring and Continuous Improvement of the PLM System

  • Why do projects fail?
  • PLM project management skills
  • Creating the project plan and project organization
  • Making the adaptation plan
  • Project communication
  • Managing PLM expectations
  • Evaluation of the adaptation


Who Can Participitate
  • Business Process Managers
  • Functional Directors
  • PLM Project Team Members
  • PLM System Integrators
  • Configuration Management Experts and Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Design and Production Engineers
  • IT Professionals and Managers
  • PLM Software, Solution and Service Providers
  • PLM Project Sponsors and Managers

2 days-Course



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